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TC Power Week + Coaching

This is a beginner level 8 wk TC training & coaching course. We'll cover everything you need to become educated and confidently get your TC biz running! Plus, continued coaching so you have a right-hand, a sound board, Q&A bouncer, influencer, motivating coach to push you towards your goals! 

Course info: 

Power Week- 4 days, virtual, live, one-on-one training, broken down into 45 min sessions.

Continued Coaching- The remaining 7 weeks will focus on coaching. Meeting 1x per week for 30 mins, virtual, live, one-on-one coaching.

Power Week Module 1 

  • Q&A introductions

  • Identifying your strengths, skills, goals

  • What you hope to gain from your TC business 

  • Identifying a VA vs a TC


Power Week Module 2

Initial must-haves for ramping up your business 

Essential details



Power Week Module 3

Getting organized

How to manage your desk & business 

Survival guide


Power Week Module 4

You're up and what? 

Marketing & networking tips

Landing new clients and retaining them

Continued Coaching

  • Coach through active deals

  • Trouble shoot & Q&A

  • Mentoring

  • Goal setting and follow-up 

  • Growth steps 

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