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real estate transaction coordinator

General TC

Contract to Close

After gathering agent, attny, lender & client info, I'll intro myself as the main point of contact on your team. I work with many interoffice systems and will work with your office to familiarize myself with their requirements. Ensuring documents are compliant & filed correctly. Gathering signatures or making corrections where needed. I'll also be staying in front of the timeline and proactively manage doc signing/coordination, financing, smoke inspections, utilities, condo req's & create commission docs. I'll be the center of all communication. Providing a top notch experience.

Social Media Support

Need assistance with social postings on Facebook and Instagram? Don't know what to post, when to post it or how to create the content? I can assist with content creation and social scheduling.

Listing Assistance

Maybe you'd like some assistance pre-listing?! 

I know how important listings are to your business but there's a lot of busy work to do! I can help coordinate and prepare listing tasks such as gathering property details, creating an off-line MLS listing, drafting paperclip docs, getting signatures and adding those to MLS. I can assist with scheduling the photographer, stager & open house all while communicating with your sellers so they understand the listing process that's taking place. 

Client Touches

Would you like your clients to have a little extra hand holding through the process? I have dozens of self created templates and schedules to manage your communication with your clients. Post close, I can gather testimonials, referrals & send closing and anniversary gifts. 

Compliance Aid

Could you not be bothered with your interoffice system? Are you bogged down with documents and don't have time to add them in? 

I'm familiar with many of these systems including Skyslope, MyDeals, KW Command, Greensheets, DotLoop,  Docusign and more. 

You can send me your incomplete files and I'll handle any and all due diligence so you can get paid!  


Ever have those cool ideas that you can't seem to get into motion because you don't have time to work on them? Such as Just Sold Postcards, Brochures, Holiday Gifts, Mailings, etc? I'd love to be your Sidekick & get these marked as  DONE!


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