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Bill S. (Realtor)

Jenn is my most important asset when it comes to running the back end of my real estate business. Real estate paperwork is not my strength and Jenn keeps it all together for me. She keeps me on good terms with my company’s compliance officer, keeps all the parties to the transaction up to date and even does some wonderful social media postings. I highly recommend Jenn to any busy real estate agent looking to grow their business and stay in compliance with the Mass Real Estate Laws.

Gaby P. (TC)

Thank you Jennifer for your kind guidance. As a TC I am pretty sure you can always be better at your job. Having a person with the experience that Jenn has, helping you in your business is very valuable. Thank you Jenn for this amazing week. I have learned a lot and look forward to continuing to learn from you 🙂 I landed my first client thanks to your advice!

Jocelyn G. (Realtor)

Jenn is amazing! Always one step ahead, my team is so lucky to have her working with us!

Mindy K. (Attorney)

wonderful attention to detail!

Russ B. (Realtor)

Jenn has helped me with numerous transactions over the past few years. To say it plainly, I simply wouldn't be able to do the business I do without Sidekick Services. They handle all the details, cross every T & dot every I and I just watch as the emails come in with each update. Jenn is also very PROactive with upcoming dates, making sure I'm always aware of deadlines BEFORE they get here. I trust Jenn with all my transactions because she's earned it. In fact, I first met her when she was a TC on the other side of a deal I was working and I loved how professional, prompt, courteous and comprehensive she was. To my delight she has continued that stellar standard with my practice as well! 

Ashley H. (Broker/Manager)

Jenn is such a time and stress SAVER!
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