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Sidekick Services | Real Estate Transaction Coordinating Support

Transaction Coordinator


What We Do

Sidekick Services is a real estate business dedicated to offering transactional support to Real Estate Agents and Transaction Coordinators. 

For my agents I offer top notch TC support. Managing all their deals from contract through closing. The agent is free of all administrative duties, paperwork, timeline management, office compliance, etc. I truly believe in the value of leverage. We do what we're best at, so you can focus on the part of your business that you're best at! Delegate and go!

As a TC trainer/coach, I offer my expertise to other Transaction Coordinators whom are interested in growing their TC business. Here I offer beginner level training & coaching to get eager TC's educated and confident to get their business' off the ground.

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Please take a moment to click the video here and listen to a virtual morning huddle hosted by a local brokerage. During this session, I had the opportunity to discuss the comprehensive services I offer as a Transaction Coordinator. You'll get valuable insights into the role of a TC and hear genuine feedback from satisfied agent clients, office MCA's, team leads, and more. Here they share their firsthand experiences working with Sidekick Services, illustrating the real impact this service can have in the real estate industry.


Jennifer Connolly, Owner

Sidekick Services

Real Estate Transaction Coordinator Support


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